Cybersecurity, the development of online platforms and providing the right local framework for the data economy to function were all topics for the CoR Commission for Social Policy, Education, Employment, Research and Culture today, which saw the adoption of the CoR opinion on the Digital Single Market mid-term review, drafted by Alin-Adrian Nica’s (RO-EPP), Mayor of Dudeștii Noi.

It is important to support efforts to connect all areas to broadband services and to create tools to help bridge the digital divide, especially at regional and local level. In this context, the EU Committee of the Regions will pay particular attention to the evolution of the WIFI4EU initiative in the hope it will lead to the development of digital network infrastructures in local communities.

According to Mayor Alin-Adrian Nica, the draft opinion aims to highlight the impact of the digital single market strategy on our society and to identify those measures which could improve economic growth and ensure the modernization of copyright regulation in the light of the digital revolution. He also stressed that there needs to be a change to consumer behavior in the context of new security requirements at all levels noting that it is necessary to guarantee the optimal degree of respect for privacy and the protection of personal data.

“I also think it is important to analyze together the option of recommending and supporting a unified VAT for cross-border online commerce, an initiative that could encourage business activities for businesses, especially SMEs. My report will highlight the importance of prevention, detection and response to incidents and improving the exchange of information between the Member States and the Commission” he concluded.

Just one month ago, Alin-Adrian Nica participated in the launch of a joint platform of the European Commission and the European Committee of the Regions to help high-speed broadband reach all European regions, including rural and sparsely populated areas where there is not enough market-driven development in the presence of the Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel. Speaking on this occasion, the Commissioner said: “Broadband coverage can happen only if people on the ground are fully involved. We need the regions on board so to understand what their real investment needs are. We need to understand what obstacles they encounter and how we, the Commission, can help tackling them.”

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