The European Pillar of Social Rights was announced by European Commission President Juncker in 2015, and was intended as a key response to the aftermath of the financial crisis and as an update of the European social model in the light of a changing world of work. The Pillar is meant to stimulate the reduction of poverty and social exclusion through adequate social protection, and to support labour market access and well-functioning welfare systems, in an age of globalisation, digitalisation and decreasing job security.

The results of the consultation and a legislative file were published by the European Commission on 26 April 2017. Responding to the Commission’s proposal for a European Pillar of Social Rights is a political priority for SEDEC, as outlined in its 2017 Work Programme.

The White Paper on the future of Europe, presented by the European Commission on 1 March, sets out possible paths for the future of Europe. It offers 5 scenarios for the possible future state of the Union. The White Paper is a starting point for a wider debate on the future of the EU with 27 Member States.

The first topic for debate is “The Reflection Paper on the Social Dimension of Europe” presented on 26 April 2017. The paper raises questions on how to sustain our standards of living, create more and better jobs, equip people with the right skills and create more unity within our society, in light of tomorrow’s society and world of work.

The CoR will therefore draft an opinion on the European Pillar of Social Rights and Reflection paper on the social dimension of Europe that will serve as input for the Commission’s Social Summit in Gothenburg on 17 November. The key documents of the legislative file to be addressed are:

  • The European Pillar of Social Rights; and
  • The Reflection Paper on the Social Dimension of Europe.


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Progress of this opinion

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First discussion

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Adoption in the commission

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Final adoption in the plenary

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