Exchange of views: NAT Commission, 2 February 2017

Forseen adoption: May 2017

Key points:

  • Local and regional authorities should act as the guarantors of equal access to healthcare, creating new models for collaborative governance where institutions, businesses, civil society organisations and individuals can contribute to the designing of a fair, shared, harmonious urban system;
  • Particular focus is needed on sustainable investment, boosting innovation, empowering people, promoting health and preventing disease through an analysis of social, economic and environmental determinants and risk factors that may impact health;
  • It is necessary to identify strategies for raising awareness of the importance of promoting health in urban settings among governments, regions, cities and individuals.
  • An appropriate food culture and food education should be promoted through targeted dietary programmes (appropriate school/workplace menus) and educational events on the ground, thereby preventing the rise in obesity rates and generating savings on health and social resources within national healthcare systems;
  • Access to sports and exercise for all people should be widened and improveed, in accordance with the principle of “citizenship sport”, by encouraging the mental and physical development of young people and increase inclusion of old people in cities;

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