Better regulation is defined as simple, quality legislative acts that are clear, properly incorporated into the legislation of the Member States and revised where necessary, according to the rapporteur.  He argues that this contributes to deepening the single market, reducing red tape and creating added value for citizens and businesses. Moreover, good – or better – regulation is an issue for all levels of government. In order to achieve its aims of better regulation, Councillor Spyridon proposes broad consultations, which facilitate the input of stakeholders and citizens at the early stages of law making and impact assessments throughout the entire legislative cycle – including territorial impact assessments. Here, the rapporteur insists on the need to reduce red tape on local and regional authorities and SMEs as well as simplified procedures for accessing EU funds. The Commission’s decision to include a CoR representative on the new Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme (REFIT) platform is welcomed. Lastly, the rapporteur underlines the CoR’s readiness to inform local and regional authorities about the new procedure for better regulation for better results and to contribute to better implementation of legislation at EU, national and regional level.

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