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Bimonthly activity report of the EPP Group in the European Committee of the Regions

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Other EPP-CoR publications or policy papers

EPP-led cities and regions delivering sustainable solutions for citizens

October 2018

Demographic Change and Regeneration of Our Societies: from challenges to local and regional opportunities

September 2017

Data democracy: Opening up government data at the local and regional level

March 2017

The Future of Cohesion Policy Beyond 2020

February 2017

Integration Cooperation and Performance of Health Systems

February 2017

Towards a New EU Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

February 2017

Tourism as a driving force for regional cooperation across the EU

November 2016

Europe's Demographic - from challenges to local and regional opportunities

October 2016

Closing the gap: digital and entrepreneurial skills for all

March 2016

Cities of the Future: Smart, Connected and Open

October 2015

Making the EU Investment Plan work in Regions and Cities - A practical guide

October 2015

EPP/CoR Policy paper: Promoting and protecting the tastes of Europe

October 2014

Już od dwudziestu lat wyznajemy wspólne WARTOŚCI w miastach i regionach Europy

April 2014

20 Years of EPP Values in Europe's Regions and Cities

March 2014

EU citizenship in 2020: What role for regions and cities?

November 2013

EPP/CoR Winter University for local and regional media 2013

October 2013

EPP Policy paper: Citizen and Business Mobility across Regions and Cities

October 2013

EPP Study Visit 2012

November 2012

The innovation and research potential of regions and cities

October 2012

Your Guide to the EPP Group in the CoR, 2012

September 2012

Tourism as a driver for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth

May 2012