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Europe starts in your village / city / region.

EPP Local Dialogues are a series of events organised across Europe, bringing citizens and EPP leaders together to discuss European policies of local interest and gathering people’s expectations on the ground. The aim of the initiative is to make sure that the local and regional dimension of EU politics is part of the EPP programme for the 2019 Elections and of the next political mandate of the EU institutions.

The outcomes of local dialogues will be shared with the EPP members of the European Parliament and the European Committee of the Regions, as well as with the EPP Spitzenkandidat.


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EPP Local Dialogue

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We cannot win the 2019 EU elections without local and regional support. I welcome the launch of the #EPPLocalDialogue initiative. Regions, towns and villages are the backbone of Europe and that's where the EU makes a difference.

Joseph Daul

EPP President

We need more direct contact with local councillors.


Cork, Ireland

Europe is not only Brussels. Europe is to be found in its regions, its cities and its villages, and that is where we should discuss both our concerns and wishes for the future of Europe. I therefore fully support the EPP Local Dialogues as a means of engaging, connecting and mobilising our citizens.

Esther de Lange

MEP, Coordinator of the EU 2019 elections of the EPP Group in the European Parliament

The EU needs to identify better the concerns and needs of citizens. For me, the phenomenon of 'brain drain' in my region is a real concern.


Harghita county, Romania

We shall be proud of our identity as citizens belonging to our cities, regions and member states. Our EPP local dialogues are an invaluable tool in connecting with people across Europe and hearing their expectations ahead of the 2019 EU elections.

Manfred Weber

EPP Spitzenkandidat, Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliament

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EPP Local Dialogue

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EPP Local Dialogue

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